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How to Use Landing Pages on Social Media

A landing page is the web page you “land” on when you click on that email link or an online ad. Landing pages are used by digital marketers for a single purpose, which is a call to action (CTA). In other words, this is the web page designed to generate leads for a website.
If you have a business now, creating its digital presence would be one of the most effective ways to increase awareness. What do we mean by a digital presence? These would be:
1. A business website.
2. Social media profiles and pages depending on the platform.
Digital marketers are aware of the power of social media and are using social media pages to their convenience. Millions of people are actively using various social media platforms today, and if you master the art of selling your business via social media pages, you are guaranteed nothing but success.

Creating an Effective Social Media Landing Page.

Social media landing pages, just like any other digital marketing campaign, must be carefully strategized for positive results. These are the factors to consider when setting up your social media landing page:

1. Determine your call to action.

You must understand that your call to action is the only key player in determining whether your visitors will buy or not. Even those followers that do not intend to buy will still buy anyway with the right call to action.
Make your social media landing page interesting enough to capture their attention and to keep them engaged and have a call to action that stands out, literally. The call to action button should be visibly large and in a different color other than that of the other text.

2. Choose images that are catchy.

For you to attract your audience, you have to make your social media landing page as interesting as possible. Carefully handpick colorful images that are in line with your product or service. Dull pictures will make them lose interest in a matter of seconds.
People go to social networks, usually for leisure and to get rid of their stress. You do not want to add them more stress with unentertaining images.

3. Be simple and precise.

You do not want to exhaust your audience with too much vocabulary and too much text. Just keep it short and simple if you want to have your followers make quick decisions.
You might end up losing them, even those prospective buyers, just because of too much irrelevant information.

4.Provide all the necessary contact information.

Most businesses end up losing interested clients just because they do not provide their contact information. A client gains more confidence in your business if they can reach you and make inquiries.
Be sure to use your social media landing page to share your contact info. This could be:
- Your phone number.
- Your email address.
- Your business website.
- Your location.

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